Together as One - St Joseph's Catholic Parish

Helensville & Huapai - Together as One on our journey, committed to support one another by encouraging others to a deeper understanding of God's love through sharing the celebration of the Sacraments and Church life as a communion. Our vision is of an inviting, Spirit-filled, worshipping, prayerful and loving community, with a focus on being active representatives of Christ. We strive to be a self-supporting, disciplined, fully functioning, and well-managed Catholic community; accepting and supporting formal local and diocesan leadership with all feeling personally responsible for the strength and nourishment of the Church, this Parish, and its life in all its aspects. We seek to be a sharing, learning, caring, inviting, welcoming, listening, creative community with powerful and passionate liturgical, educational and social programmes.

To put all that simply, this parish of Helensville & Huapai is a good parish to belong to. We invite you to come and join us, It may involve some distance for some since the parish covers a very large area; from Taupaki in the South to Glorit in the North, From Southhead in the West to Riverhead in the East.

St Patrick's Roster

Huapai Ministers for June - August 2020


Parish Groups

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