St Joseph’s Helensville


In 1883, Bishop Luck visited Helensville and said Mass twice in the Public Hall and opened a subscription to build a church.

St Joseph’s church was built in 1886 in Garfield Road, close to where the water tower is today, and priests used to come by train, boat and buggy to celebrate Mass once a month. In 1899, a property on the corner of Commercial Road and Porter Crescent, where the Medical Centre now stands, was purchased. On 6 May 1900, the church was opened by Dean O’Reilly and Fr Brodie. On 17 June 1906, Bishop Lenihan confirmed 30 people and opened the priest’s house, a two roomed lean-to at 1 Porter Crescent. In 1918 Fr Mansfield was appointed Parish Priest and Helensville became a parish.

1932 was a great year for the parish, the Dominican Sisters arrived and took up residence in the house opposite the school. 7 August 1938 – St Joseph’s was moved from Commercial Road to its present site at the corner of Puriri and Kowhai Streets; the first Mass was celebrated in St Joseph’s on this site on 25 December 1938.


Location of St Joseph Church, Helensville:

Corner of Puriri and Kowhai Streets