St Patricks – Huapai


Kumeu Catholics built the first church on land given by Martin Lovich, the first grape grower in the district. The tiny building sat next to the stream where Kumeu River Wines is today.

The building was blessed by Bishop Cleary on 8th March 1915. Just big enough to hold about five rows of pews, it became a point of convergence for Catholic families from afar as Riverhead, Taupaki and Waikoukou Valley. The growing number of Yugoslav (and later Dutch) families swelled the numbers who worshipped fortnightly at the small church.

In 1965, a parishioner, Lance Grey, gave a section on the main road at Huapai for a new church. In 1966 Beazley Homes built st Patrick’s church, Kumeu-Huapai. Still administered from Helensville, the church was visited by the priest weekly to conduct services to what was still a close community.


Location of St Patrick’s Church, Huapai:
Main Highway 16, past shops on right coming from Kumeu.