Parish Groups

Parish Communities

Various Group Activities within the Parish and contacts:
Mission Group
Janet Kerr-Taylor Phone: 411 8501
Food Bank
Pat Duff Phone: 412 5421
Prayer Tree
Kath Ashby
Terri Smith
Phone: 411 8115
Phone: 420 8428
Hall Hire
St Joseph’s Centre, Helensville
John Smith 09 420 8428
Hall Hire
St Patrick’s Hall, Huapai
Moana Page 09 411 8910
Passionist Family Groups  John and Sarah Peacock 09 411 9557

 Passionist Family Groups started in our parish in 1991 .

These groups of approximately … members have a mix of all ages, like large extended families, and provide interaction and support between different age groups. The groups also integrate people within the parish.   The aim is to provide support and fellowship through monthly meetings at different  venues, with various activities