Parish Beef Scheme


The Beef Scheme has been run by Richard and Graeme Bradly for decades and has contributed greatly to the funds of the Parish. If you have grazing available, this is a rewarding way to support the Parish.

Special thanks to Richard and Graeme.

Annual Report 2016

The Beef Scheme has twenty cattle out grazing at present.
Two cattle have been sold this year for the total of $2,358.53.
There is another six that will be sold shortly.

The Beef Scheme currently has $125.86 in the bank account.

$9,500 has been transferred into Parish funds over the last year,.

The generosity of parishioners who graze and care for these cattle is very much
appreciated. Those parishioners who support/had supported this fundraiser for the parish
over many years have made the scheme so successful.

Graeme & Richard Bradly