Sacraments – General

All our lives we are becoming followers of Christ. But there are stages along the way. The Sacraments mark the important stages. Baptism is a beginning and, in the traditional listing, Confirmation, Holy Communion and Penance follow.

These bring us to being fully initiated members of the Church. Anointing of the Sick strengthens and comforts us in sickness; while the Sacraments of Matrimony and of Orders consecrate us in special states/roles within the family of the Church.

All the Sacraments are actions of Jesus, giving us his life, his grace, as we progress to maturity in our vocation and role within his Body, the Church.

We can never expect to fully understand any of the Sacraments they are called Mysteries of Faith -, but we are led within the parish family to appreciate them, to be eager to receive them and to commit ourselves to live them. It is in living them that a certain measure of understanding comes – growing all our lives – becoming followers of Christ.

Who leads us to appreciation – knowing, recognizing that these Sacraments are precious, beyond price? We find the answer in the ceremony of Infant Baptism. A blessing is given to the parents:

You will be the first teachers of your children in the ways of Faith. May you also be their best teachers, bearing witness to the Faith by what you say and do in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

It is through parents and within families above all that the faith is appreciated and passed on.
In our widespread parish it is obvious that it is in families most of all that preparation for each sacrament goes ahead. The whole parish has its responsibility to support our families, to encourage them, to be an inspiration to them and to provide them with the helps they may need in their vocation.
On behalf of the whole parish I pledge to see the necessary helps are available to all with children for sacraments this year. Please fill out the application form below and send it back to us within the next few weeks. It is only when we know the needs that we will be able to work towards arranging to supply them and to set down dates for the Sacraments.

May God bless all our families.