Finance Committee

Parish Financial Support

Our parishioners surely contribute financially to the Catholic Church in Huapai and Helensville. The running costs and up keep of the buildings as well as the expenses for the various community activities have certainly increased dramatically over the years and we will be very grateful for your consideration and support.

You can use the pledge envelopes for every Sunday; you can make a yearly one-off contribution or use a Direct Debit form for a monthly fixed payment. Please ask a member of the Finance Committee to send you one.

A Tax Receipt will be provided at the end of the financial year for your rebates’ return.
Thank you again your generosity.
Please contact any of the following for further information:

Drago Stulich Ph: 412 8044
Julie Colville Ph: 420 8475
Linda Kiddle Ph: 420 8980

The Finance committee meets every last Tuesday of the month in the Presbytery.